Uncle Mikey

Michael Quattrochi 'Uncle Mikey' is recognized as a pioneer in the field of training young puppies.

Michael Quattrochi began training dogs as an apprentice in 1975. Today he is recognized as a pioneer in the field of training young puppies.

Michael grew up with an older sister and three older brothers in Staten Island, New York. As the "baby" of a big family, he often found himself not being given the same opportunities as his older siblings. After his older brothers had tried and failed to properly train their pets, Michael, a natural-born animal lover, wanted his own chance, but his parents were wary.

Michael deeply cared for animals, particularly dogs, and he wanted a chance to prove himself.

When Michael was thirteen, some neighborhood kids found a Great Dane-Boxer mix puppy, and were going door-to-door asking people if they knew who the dog belonged to or if they wanted to keep her.

Once they got to the Quattrochi household and Michael met this puppy, he had to have her. His parents initially said no, but he insisted, and with the assistance of some family friends, Michael got to keep the puppy and named her Belle. She's really where it all began.

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    "Uncle Mikey's" methodology of modified positive behavior modification is applied through an intimate understanding of your dog's personality. Now your dog can be trained in the comfort and security of your own home. Unlike other trainers who visit your home once or twice a week, "Uncle Mikey" will work with your dog 5 days a week.

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    People have sent their dogs from all over the world to "Uncle Mikey" for over four decades. Because of his individual approach every dog enrolled at "The Educated Puppy" has graduated. "Uncle Mikey's" dogs have appeared in countless print ads, television commercials, films for television as well as Hollywood's big screen attractions.

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    After the program "Uncle Mikey" will remain on call to you for the rest of your dog's life. Rest assured "Uncle Mikey" will be there to help you should you have any questions in the future.



  • I consider it an honor to be counted among your clients. Having a pet is a much more rewarding experience when the dog (and the family) is trained and you did an excellent job.

    Arthur M. Blank
    Owner of The Atlanta Falcons
  • We did not have the experience or knowledge to properly train our sweet puppy. Uncle Mikey provided us with the training (puppy & humans) and guidance to give us a well behaved and beloved member of our family.

    Karen White
    New York Times bestselling author
  • Uncle Mikey has been born with a very special skill in his ability to train dogs and just as Importantly, their owners, to be happy, well adjusted and obedient members of a family. He does it without instilling any fear in the dog but by building trust and creating verbal connections this required behavior. He has trained three of our dogs with huge success an his toughest job is training us, as owners to stay by the rules.

    Neville Isdell
    CEO Coca-Cola Company ~ retired
  • Skylar always exceeds my expectations, in and out of the show ring and I am certain he will continue to achieve even more because of the great training foundation he received during his time with Uncle Mikey!.

    Kelli Clark
  • Uncle Mikey is a wonderful caring, person who has a wonderful affinity with animals and takes into consideration the personality of the dog he trains as well as the owners, we are immensely indebbteed to him for his excellent training and very importantly, after care of our dogs, he always has the dog’s welfare at heart and we cannot praise him enough.

    Pamela Isdell

  • Thank you for everything! You are so special to all of us. Roxie was truly amazing and Gracie is such a blessing. Thank you for your time talent and friendship.

    Dr. Steven and Doris Mintz
  • The greatest thing Uncle Mikey does is to open a link of communication between the dog and humans. We were given chesters brother who is exactly like chester but no uncle mikey. They are totally different in intelligence and ability to communicate with humans. it is a connection that makes Uncle Mikey's dogs a whole different and better dog and companion.

    Michael G. Sams
  • I first met Uncle Mikey over 25 years ago when he agreed to train my rambunctious English Sheep dog Gracie. She became a staple to our family for over 13 years and one of the best dogs I’ve ever owned. My belief in his techniques is so great that I recently asked him to train our new Golden Doodle puppy “Murphy”. I must say that I see all of the same positive attributes that I saw in Gracie after his few weeks of training with Uncle Mikey.

    Jim Consuegra
    Academic Director at Georgia Tech's Professional Education